love changes everything

We are a movement for anyone who LOVES Paradise and Magalia
and wants to see everyone in our community flourish!

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We look forward to serving with you on April19, 2024

Our Mission

To inspire our community to love each other through connecting, participating, giving, and serving.

Ongoing Opportunities

A Simple Gesture

SOL Sanctuary

Magalia Community Center

Upcoming Projects


 Rotary Club of Paradise     Rebuild Paradise     Ace Hardware     Paradise Stronger     Grocery Outlet     Mormon Church     Paradise Adventist Church


We are connecting you with the greatest needs in our community

As a collaborative community initiative, Love Paradise has brought together residents, organizations, and volunteers , through various projects encompassing infrastructure restoration, housing rehabilitation, and community support programs. Love Paradise has fostered a renewed sense of hope, resilience, and unity among the community members. By addressing the physical, emotional, and social needs of residents on the ridge, the initiative has inspired a collective spirit of compassion, strength, and determination, creating a lasting positive impact on the lives of the people in Paradise and Magalia.

Our Work

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  • $50k


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